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Gambit Golf Rangefinder (GG-2707) [2024]

Gambit Golf Rangefinder (GG-2707) [2024]

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The GG-2707 is the perfect entry level rangefinder that offers all the functionality and versatility modern golfers require

With a clear and accurate display, enjoy the convenience of Active Flag Lock with Vibrate and Calculated Slope Mode, offered with a competition legal switch. Configurable in yards or meters confidently play and preserve your gear with an included weatherproof hard case and lanyard to ensure protection. 


  • Slope Switch
  • Pulse Vibration
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • Crystal Clear Display
  • Advanced Flag Lock
  • 600 Meter Range
  • Water Resistant

What's In The Box?

  • Gambit Golf Rangefinder
  • Weather-Proof Carrying Case
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Carabiner Clip
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"A Gambit Golf Rangefinder is a must-have for any amateur."

James Stewart - PGA Professional


Proven on the Course

Trusted by Pros

The Gambit Golf Rangefinder, rigorously tested and green-lit by professionals, delivers exceptional accuracy and reliable flag lock technology, earning its place as a trusted tool in competitive golf.

Pin Seeking Precision

Flag Lock

Our Advanced Flag Lock capability ensures unerring target acquisition by honing in on the flagstick and alerting golfers with a gentle vibration for absolute shot certainty.

Advanced Slope Tech

Slope Switch

The Gambit Golf Rangefinder enables golfers to toggle between slope-adjusted distances and standard measurements, providing accurate, level-ground readings regardless of the course’s elevation changes.

  • Tactile Pulse Feedback

    A gentle vibration signals definitive flagstick acquisition, simplifying your shot selection with tactile feedback.

  • Ultra Precise

    With accuracy refined to within 40cm, the Gambit Golf Rangefinder stands as the epitome of precision.

  • Powerful 7x Zoom

    Maximize your view and your game with the expansive clarity of our 7x zoom, capturing every nuance.

  • 10000+ Golfers

  • Proudly Australian

  • Trusted by Pro's

Every Golfer Will Feel The Difference.




How is the Rangefinder powered?

The Gambit Golf Rangefinder operates on 2x AA batteries for easy replacement and maintenance. Plus, it comes with a pair of batteries included, so you can start improving your game right out of the box.

Can you change between meters and yards?

Absolutely! the Gambit Golf Rangefinder allows you to switch between meters and yards seamlessly through a user-friendly menu

Can I use the Gambit Golf Rangefinder in competitions?

Yes, our rangefinder is competition-legal where permitted, featuring a slope switch with an indicator for compliance in all tournament types, including those that restrict slope functions.

Can I adjust the focus of the rangefinder's lens?

Yes, you can adjust the eyepiece of the Gambit Golf Rangefinder whenever necessary. However, thanks to our advanced large depth of field technology, adjustments are seldom required, ensuring clear visibility with minimal effort.

How accurate is the Gambit Golf Rangefinder?

The Gambit Golf Rangefinder delivers unparalleled precision, accurate to within 40cm, providing golfers with dependable distance measurements essential for perfecting their game